About us

At The Potter's Homestead, we celebrate intentional living, sustainability and finding the serenity in everyday moments. With these intentions in mind, we offer thoughtfully handmade pottery, carefully curated CSA boxes (summer months only), as well as various products from the farm such as pasture raised chicken and sourdough starter. 

Our operations are run primarily by yours truly, Hanna, a self taught ceramic artist and farmer, alongside my husband Lucas, who is our beloved part-time builder/ chef/ farmer/ kiln technician. A true gem. ♥️

Our Story
In 2012, I (Hanna) first took a pottery class at the visual arts centre in Montreal, Quebec. The moment I sat down at the wheel, I knew something good was going to happen. Meanwhile, Lucas and I pursued our careers. His in cooking, working at some of the finest restaurants in Montreal, and I, working in healthcare as a  people and project manager. Combined, we held ceramic arts, farming, 
cooking and operations management skillsets. Who knew all of these would be so transferrable in our future plans? 

Fast forward to 2016, w
e took the leap to move from the heart of Montreal to rent a home in the country. We slowly started to dip our toes into what homesteading looked like for us. That same year, I finally decided to start sharing and selling some of my pottery online under the name "HR Ceramics". Sales grew consistently from then on, we bought our first home in 2017, we had two amazing kids, established our homestead and got my pottery studio up and running in the basement. 

Over time, I noticed that growing our own food, making dinnerware from scratch and enjoying them together was one of the most inspiring feelings. This showed me, time and time again that pottery and homesteading is was very much connected.

And then we kept going. And here we are, weaving it all together form roots, to plate.
Thank you endlessly for being here with us!