Homegrown Resource Book, Issue 4: WINTER

Back in December of 2022, I submitted my final draft for my contribution to The Homegrown Resource Book, hosted by Hobbs Farm, for their winter issue. I went back and forth on a few ideas and finally landed on writing about pottery for the homegrown kitchen. A complimentary piece to the wise tips and tricks, heirloom recipes and and art that this magazine has curated thanks to resourceful rural women across the world.

All content revolves around living a little more simply. A little more homegrown. This issue has over 120 pages and isn't only for farmers or homesteaders. It's for everyone.

What you buy is a digital copy of the magazine, and you can print it through a print shop of your choosing (I ordered from Blurb).
Buying your copy of homegrown through the link below also directly supports me. I appreciate that, and you, more than you know ♡

📸 photo credit: @wildidaroots

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